The London Bridge Quarter

The Screen at the London bridge Quarter is the most central of any above ground large format offering. Situated on borough high street shortly after London bridge it is directly opposite the entry point to Borough market and sits between the stations Rail and Underground entry points. We predict that at least 50% of the stations capacity will see the screen on their daily commute. The screen is head on to all vehicular traffic heading south from the Bridge and will demonstrate an attractive dwell time to its pedestrian audience passing to enter the station and use surrounding social hotspots.


The London Bridge Quarter



Targeting the evening rush hour


The perfect audience for a premium alcohol brand


For every gamer


11, Borough High Street, Bermondsey Spa, Borough
London Borough of Southwark, SE1 9SE

London Bridge is fast becoming one the capitals most popular districts. Nestled on the bank of the Thames at the gateway to London’s financial hub, its audience is that of high wealth and disposable income. Almost half being that of an AB demographic and boasting higher monthly income than the capitals average.

The area is now best known for the ever increasing Shard Quarter & Borough market which are popular day and night with those looking to shop, socialise & navigate these zones on their daily commute.

London Bridge station which serves both underground and Network rail lines to the southern counties has become the 4th biggest in the Capital with 56 million passengers a year. By 2019 network rail suggests 24 trains an hour will be in use. This has been made possible following its recent renovation to a state of the art commuting hub.

Site Specifications

Route Frame ID
10 seconds in 60 second loop
Motion / static
Static content only
Two weekly impacts