The Old Street Digital Canvas

Old street has always been hot bed for London’s Tech community and is now on collision course with the ever encroaching City of London” providing a brand new influential audience to the area.

We are now seeing a very diverse audience occupying the area from young vibrant fashionistas to key decision makers bringing high levels of disposal income and who quite likely own 2nd properties here and work in the surrounding area.


The Old Street Digital Canvas


The Old Street Digital Canvas

Wide view from Old Street roundabout

The Old Street Digital Canvas

At Night

The Old Street Digital Canvas


The Old Street Digital Canvas

All screen creative example


Old street Canvas, Old Street Roundabout
London, EC1V 1JB

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The Old street digital canvas is situated on the North East side of the Old street roundabout. It targets its young vibrant audience head on as they leave Old street tube station to navigate Shoreditch for both for work and pleasure.

The screens also provide an unrivalled display to its huge vehicular audience using Old street r’about to leave and enter East London from the City of London, London’s west end, Euston and Kings cross.

This is one of the most iconic out of home digital structures. Its creative solutions are endless for any brand looking to achieve brand fame in the Capital. 

Site Specifications

Route Frame ID
10 second slots in 60 second loop
Motion / Static
Static creative only
2 weekly impacts