The Shoreditch Canvas

Shoreditch has for the past 10 years been a hot bed for London’s Tech community and is now on collision course with the ever encroaching City of London” providing a brand new influential audience to the area. We are now seeing a very diverse audience occupying Shoreditch from young vibrant fashionistas to AB key decision makers bringing high levels of disposal income and who quite likely own second properties here and work in the surrounding area.

With both of these communities expanding on to each others door step we are now witnessing the birth of a very exciting area within East London and the Capital in general. This area has always been popular with an ever increasing youth & social audience frequenting its many restaurants & bars creating a round the clock buzz.


The Shoreditch Canvas


Vodafone VOXI

Targeting a young and socially connected audience

Ralph Lauren

Dominating The Shoreditch Canvas & High Street screens

Jimmy Choo

Dominating The Shoreditch Canvas & High Street screens


Taking centre stage for London Fashion Week


The best of British targeting trend setters of tomorrow


Boundry house, Shoreditch High Street, Shoreditch
London Borough of Hackney, E1 6HU

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This unique opportunity is one of the most exciting creative opportunities in the UK not just London. Sitting directly opposite the Ace Hotel on Shoreditch High Street it is head on to all pedestrians navigating the High Street, moving in and out of the numerous boutiques, bars, restaurants and clubs. The Shoreditch Canvas is a complete one off and is unlike anything else currently available in the large format market. Increased impact can be achieved by pairing this with the Shoreditch high street Landscape screen next to the banner.

Site Specifications

Route Frame ID
Full Domination only
Motion / Static
Static content only
2 weekly impacts